Kinshasa (2010) is a 120 minute main stage drama for 7 male and 2 female actors.

The play tells the story of a giant gold mine discovered in the Northern Congo. A tale of reckless greed and envious men, this is an account of international finance, Third World corruption, asset fraud, investor hysteria, sexual betrayal, corporate murder, and civil war. Inspired by the true story of the largest gold mining fraud in history.


Doug Feith

late forties, a stock promoter, CEO of Sun Strike Minerals

Walter Perry

fifties, lead geologist at Sun Strike Minerals

Nicholas Roth

late twenties, a stock analyst at Oglivy-Burns

Elissa Vasquez

late twenties, Walter Perry's girlfriend

Nicole Feith

forties, Doug Feith's wife, also playing Zena Hillman, and Linzi Weaver

Jasper Rusk

fifties, CEO of Labyrinth Mines, also playing Jim Feith, the Announcer at Greene's, and Joel Hargreaves

Arthur Davis

forties, Managing Director at Oglivy-Burns, also playing Jay Donald, Dale Tallon, and John Gay

Adam Essizan

early thirties, a Congolese friend of Walter Perry's, also playing the Pilot, Jason Moss, Dave Wiliams, and Harold

Prince Iguru

forties, Minister of Mines for the Congolese government, also playing the Interviewer, the Colonel in the People's Army, and the Assassin