Thugs (1994/1996) is a 150 minute main stage comedy for 4 male and 5 female actors.

A film noir farce, this play concerns a down and out private detective who specialises in cases of male infidelity. Ex-wives, male escort agencies, and middle-aged male encounter groups figure prominently.

Thugs won Third Prize in the Mobil Playwriting Competition at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester in 1994.


Mike Smithsonian

late forties, a private investigator

Daphne Ontario

mid thirties, his partner, and Brick Martini's ex-partner

Doris Tomorrow

late thirties, his ex-wife, owner of a male escort agency

Thursday Summers

early thirties, his therapist

Winston Thin

mid twenties, a member of his male encounter group

Mercedes Golden

late thirties, owner of a male escort agency

Dean Straight

mid twenties, her employee and "best escort"

Brick Martini

late forties, her private investigator

Gladys Tomato

early forties, owner of another male escort agency