I am a founding producer — along with Ben Stadelmann, Benj Gallander, Greg Holmgren, and Carol Pauker — of the Summerworks Theatre Festival in Toronto. In the festival's inaugural year in 1991, I mounted two of my own plays — Nero and The Canadian Clerk. The festival has completed its 20th season.

Five of my plays — Thugs, Drinking In Circles, Absolution, Spin, and B-Play — received their world premiere at the White Bear Theatre in London, England. Four of these plays earned a Critic’s Choice from London’s Time Out magazine.

Absolution went on to a nomination for the Best Fringe Play of 1997 from the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, a second production at the Battersea Arts Centre in London, an American premiere at the Court Theatre in Los Angeles, an Israeli premiere in Tel Aviv at Habimah, the National Theatre of Israel, a Midwest American premiere at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, and an East Coast premiere at the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard.

Spin, which received a grant from the Arts Council of England, went on to a second production at the Battersea Arts Centre, and an American premiere at the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia, and a production in Boston with the Zeitgeist Theatre Company.

The world premiere of The Last True Believer was staged at the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

I have completed four new plays: Zeno's Arrow, which was a commission for the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia; Unrequited, which was a commission for the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Orange County, California; Adventures In Terror; and Kinshasa.

Scripts are available upon request.